Very long lasting flooring and cheap!

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I discover a few years ago that commercial grade carpet is nothing like house grade. It is made exceedingly tough and durable. I discovered that you can buy lots of commercial grade carpet almost free because after they do a job they  have no use for  a small amount as most commercial installations  have their connections points where they are not going to get the most traffic, so they do not just make a splice like in a house.

It is usually very stiff and good looking and does not fade and the reinforcing is bullet proof.

If you put this in a house you can almost call it a life time carpet no matter how many times it is washed  and abused.

It is usually not the softest to roll around on.

Take a look at carpet in a commercial building where it gets lots of wear and ect every day and try to see where it is wearing.

IN learning about the carpet at first tried to install it over a pad. Big mistake!  It is so stiff you  feel like you are walking on water so had to remove the pad.:)

I actually used it in my own home when my kids were young. Lived there 5 yrs and the carpet looked the same as the day they installed it. It was stain resistant and I tried cleaning a small sample with bleach to see if it would fade. Nope!! So I would add a little bleach to my carpet cleaner when I'd clean them. Looked good and sanitized. Perfect. Make very good sense to use it in rentals. And it isn't soft. So renters can bring their own rugs!! 

NA Jayy

 good tip! will investigate.

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