Hear No Credit Report, See No Credit Report

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I'm a landlord for the first time.  I just paid for my first tenant/credit/background history check and I was disappointed to find out that I can't see the credit check.  I can only receive a pass or fail for the prospective tenant.  

"The credit check is an industry standard decision rating based on the applicant's credit score and public records. Due to FCRA regulations you will not receive the credit report or the FICO score. You will ONLY receive a Pass or Fail decision based on the criteria you select below."

In the articles I have read about tenant screening it says to make sure to check the addresses on the credit against the addresses on the prospective tenant's application.  How can I do this if I am not able to see the credit information?

Clearly, I must be doing something wrong.  Can anyone help?

Lol! Love your title! I have found that if I want to see the actual credit report, I would have to get a physical inspection of my office to determine everything is properly stored/secured etc. My screening company doesn't allow me to see the report, but they run it through my filters (no foreclosures, past dues over 60 days, or whatever criteria you choose) and they give me a 0-100 score as well as previous addresses shown on report & landlord contacts for addresses reported. It also checks criminal and eviction status & gives me the info on the evictions so I can confirm whether it is my applicant or not (they aren't filed by ssn here, & lots of john smiths ;) ).  Did your screening company give you any other info besides pass/fail?

Unless you have a home inspection done first, you can't get detailed credit report info. You only get a generic recommendation based on predefined criteria (as you found out). There's no way around it since it's required by the FCRA. My suggestion is to go ahead with the inspection so you can get the detailed credit info. It's worth it and relatively simple to do.

@ Jennifer Bennett 

Thank you.  I had no idea about an inspection. Yes,  the report also included criminal and rental history.  Thanks again!  ☺

@ kyle j.

Thank you for your help.    How would I go about getting a home office inspection? 

Originally posted by @Bridgette B. :

@ kyle j.

Thank you for your help.    How would I go about getting a home office inspection? 

Typically the credit reporting site you're using will help facilitate the inspection, so ask them what you need to do to get an "on-site inspection" so you can get full access to credit reporting information.  (If they don't have that option for some reason then just find another credit reporting site.)

The on-site inspection will entail a third-party inspection company coming to your home.  They'll be verifying that you: have a lock on the door for the area where credit reports are accessed and stored; the computer used to access the reports is password protected; you have a locking file cabinet where the reports are stored; you have a shredder; and the area where you access the reports (i.e. home office) is separate from the living area.  The inspection is quick (5-10 minutes) and fairly inexpensive (approx. $59-$79).  You just need to do it once and then you'll be all setup.

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