Tenant moving out before lease end date

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Hi all,

My tenant's lease is up end of this July. She just told me her coworker is interested in renting my house. She wants to know if she can get out of the lease early if her coworkers application is approved. Should I say yes? It sounds harmless but wanted to know if I'm missing anything..

Just make sure co worker is qualified and can be approved on her own. Then have her sign her own lease with her own security deposit.

If the current tenant is less than good, then I would be leery of any referral. Otherwise, make sure that the new tenant goes through the screening process just as any other would. One of my tenants did that and it resulted in 0 day vacancy and a 5% rent increase. Perfect turnover. I wish every tenant would replace themselves ;)

it's a trap. i bet she just had a conversation with the coworker and automatically assumes they want it. she wants to get out before even the coworker applies. then it's "your problem"

I don't like unhappy renters, so I would be inclined to do this if the coworker checks out.  I also don't like turnover.  No matter how clean it is left, there are always things to do.  Nail holes, touch-ups, drains, exhaust fans, heaters/furnaces, a/c filters, gutters, lock changes.  All need to be checked, cleaned and/or replaced. I would charge $100 or $200 for the headaches.  The new renter will want it ship-shape if they are any good. It's like getting a place ready to sell every time!  

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