what's the best flooring?

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What's the most durable flooring for a rental property? Ceramic, Vinyl, granite tiles or wood?

They all have their own set of pro's and con's. I think honestly when picking flooring it is more of what the tenants in the area prefer. In my rental area you usually find a lot of rentals with tile or concrete.  Concrete is obviously the most durable, but is not always allowed in some cities where my rental properties are. i personally though like a distressed hardwood, that i can refinish multiple times or the concrete. 

Ceramic tile in kitchens and baths.  Cheap light colored laminate in living/dining rooms.  I still put carpet in bedrooms, stairs, and upstair hallways. 

I like ceramic tile throughout.

I would pick a flooring that would have the longest life. ceramic tile baths. Hardwood in kitchen & living .Check out Simple Floors, bamboo. stuff will last forever and looks great also adding great value. Probably will still need a little carpet in bedrooms.  

Depends on price of property...higher end properties would be hardwood/ceramic.  Lower end vinyl/laminate.  Avoid carpet in lower end as it becomes a disposable item.

I'm guessing tile is regional, we don't see much in housing in our area.   A lot of people recommend tile,  have not yet tried it.  We like the Allure laminate flooring, it can handle water better than others.

Best depends on the situation, but in terms of durability, porcelain tiles are more durable than ceramic tiles.

In our area vinyl wood planks are really popular for rentals.  That's what we've been having installed in our apartment rehabs.  It looks really great and is extremely durable! Love it.

I agree with @Jonathan Wilks that it really depends on your area. In Ohio where I invest, the winters are cold so most people prefer carpet in their bedrooms and some of the living areas. I am considering switching to something more durable in all the living areas as carpet doesn't hold up well for multiple tenants. I have heard good things about allure.


I prefer laminate. Bit wears well, doesn't crack like tile, floats over any uneven floor and takes spills well. Plus it's fairly cheap.

I have always been partial to cast iron if it's thick enough  ; )

For those using allure wood looking vinyl what do you do on steps?

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