SUBTENANT not paying Have a clear short term signed agreement

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Hi I lease a home and have for the past two years There is no restrictions to sub leasing in my lease I pay rent to owner pay DWP GAS WIFI I was going out of town and 

sub leased to someone for 2 months The first month went fine the second month 

their check was returned insufficent funds They will not replace check or leave 

I intend to serve a 3 day notice to pay or quit and then follow thru with a UD 

Because I am a tenant and they are a sub tenant I wanted to make sure I have the 

legal standing to file a UD - Again I have a clear written short term lease signed by the sub-leaser 

They gave you a check that bounced , take that check to the courthouse and file criminal charges .  Bouncing a check is against the law .  Now you can also take that check straight to their bank , and try to cash it  even if it was returned once the bank has to honor it if the funds are available .   

  I had a customer give me check it came back NSF , I waited a month and went straight to his bank and cashed the check large amount , ( the funds were available )  Boy was he pissed when he called me , telling me how I screwed him and he NEEDED that money to cover other bills .  I laughed , not my problem , I got my money , Oh you still owe me $ 25 for the return check fee . 

Yes, you can start eviction.  You are his landlord.

@Sam E. - send me a colleague request with a brief message, and I will privately explain a method to get paid on that bounced check, that I won't post publicly. 

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