Tenant out, girlfriend still in the house

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Hi guys,

The lease with my tenant ended but he paid for an extra month (last month is may), he had a fight with his girlfriend (she's not on the lease), he moved out and she stayed. I asked tenant to make sure she leaves at the end of the month, of course he says 100%. My question is what happens if she decides she wants to squatter? Is he obligated to pay another month? or am I stuck trying to evict her?


It's up to you to evict her.  You can pursue whoever was on the lease for your damages, collecting any judgement is another story.  

Notices and evictions are generally listed as "John Doe and all others" for this reason.

Will the girlfriend qualify for the unit on her own?  I'd ask her to fill out an application if she wants to stay as it might be an easy way out if she wants to stay and can afford the payment.  Just because he paid a month for her doesn't necessarily mean she is not able to qualify on her own.  

The best thing to do is to talk to her. Don't put a 30 day notice or anything that will seem aggressive. Sit down and tell her, "look, your boyfriend signed the lease, and its ending at the end of this month, will you be able to renew the lease on your own, or will you be looking elsewhere to rent". Something subtle but to the point. So she knows you're serious.

You shouldn't have accepted payment for the additional month.

This may be a good thing. You may have found your next tenant without a vacancy. Don't assume the worst. Talk to the girlfriend. See what her intentions are and her qualifications. If she is qualified have her sign a new lease--if she is not give her a 30 day notice to quit. 

Thanks for the input guys, she brought 2 dogs so I definitely want her out, I did a quick inspection, luckily the dogs have been good it seems just dog smell in the house, but last time I ever let dogs in one of my houses.

Does your  rental contract with the tenant have a section about "guests"?  Many here in Texas will add a clause stating that you may not have any guests longer than ____ days (typically 7). 

If so, boot her out quickly.  Change the locks now.  Michigan tends to favor the squatters over the owners.  It may seem cruel, but if you have to call animal control for her 2 dogs, then do it.  Was there a clearly stated pet policy in the rental contract?  What about restricted breeds?

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