Kitchen Layout Options?

3 Replies

I'm wondering what others prefer to do in regards to the location of the stove within the kitchen?  Do you prefer to place the stove in the middle of the counter-top space to breakout the counter space?

Or do you prefer to place it at the end of the counter to allow for a continuous counter with perhaps part of the stove exposed at the end

Here the stove it in the center of the counter with minimal continuous counter space. Or, just place the stove at the end of the counter so one side is exposed. Although I personally feel as if this isn't as esthetically pleasing, it allows for easier upkeep and cleansabilty.  Also, provide more continuous counter space for tenants that cook.

I detest a kitchen layout that places the stove against a wall. I want counter space on both sides.

I did not see that many stove at the end of the counter. People want space on both sides of the stove.

If the stove is against the wall its hard to maneuver pots around. And if the stove is on the end open with no wall or counter there is the potential for handles to be knocked into. My stove is like that now and I always have to remember to not have anything hanging over the edge.

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