Garage Conversion has Panel in Bedroom

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Hello all!  I'm looking at a rental property that has a garage conversion that has left the electrical panel in the newly created bedroom.  Is there any regulations against this?  Also, this same room has two small windows that don't open and can't be used as an egress.  This could be termed a flex room...?  Any thoughts on this room/situation would appreciated.



This house is located in Garland, Dallas County, TX.

My childhood home had the electrical panel in my bedroom.  Though I usually see the panels in kitchens, utility rooms, or living/dining rooms, it's not too unusual to see them in bedrooms around here.  It's legal, at least in NC.

if there is no egress, it's not a bedroom in NC

I don't think that the electrical is to current code.  I'd be curious if the garage addition was permitted.  

Personally, I wouldn't take anyone's word for it.  Call the city and ask a general question about it.  Garland, Tx has rental inspections.  That means you have to register with the city and they will come out and inspect your home.  You have to pass to be able be a rental.  Its done by the code compliance department.

You can see the info here.

I personally have not done this, so I have no first hand experience.

Originally posted by @Dawn Brenengen :

if there is no egress, it's not a bedroom in NC

 D'oh!  I forgot all about that part.  Good catch, Dawn.

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