Tenant Handbook

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I am in search of and probably should have been using a "tenant handbook" for the last 13 years but I haven't.

Does anyone use something like this?
What to do what not to do.
Call me for this
Any help would be truly appreciated

This probably is going way overboard, but when my wife and I moved and rented out our former residence, I created a wiki database (similar to Wikipedia) for the house. I used the free https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki software. I created logins for the tenants and added a page for each major component of the house: plumbing, electrical system, appliances, HVAC, etc., along with a contact page and a little fun stuff about visiting neighbors' pets and wildlife.

It gave me a convenient, easily edited place to consolidate information about the house. Of course, setting it up required some technical work, which I didn't mind because I was a software engineer with experience in web development.

When we sold the house, I packaged up the database and gave it to the new buyers. I'm not sure they used it, though. One of them was a computer engineer, but not so familiar with web software.

Any possibility you would share what you created? Sounds fantastic!

I'm interested a bit in this topic as well. We provide our tenants a small binder that includes the lease, their application, HOA info, community contact info (utilities, schools, community amenities, etc) and manuals for all appliances in the home.

We also provide a sheet with General home info - location of electrical box, main water valve, water manifold, fire extinguisher, paint colors, air filter size, bulbs types, etc. what we don't have is the handbook or a landlord policy and procedures and may need to create one.

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