Medical Marijuana turnover challenges

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I have a couple of tenants in a unit that use medical marijuana and grow it. They have notified me they will move. I plan to discuss with them shortly and I am thinking of asking them to move their plants out to allow for showing. Has anyone done this? Not sure if we could actually rent or would want to if the growing is not gone. It is also a safety issue for me as the property would be easy to break in (country) so I wouldn't want to have a showing and then have someone come back to help themselves.

I also know that in RI we have the ability to choose if we will allow growers on the property. This was recently passed. We can't discriminate for medical using but we can restrict smoking and growing in the property. I already restrict smoking. Anyone have a good way of adding growing to a lease ? I was thinking of just adding a prohibition for illegal activities under state or federal law. The repair people when they let them in can tell the property smells of pot so it has had its challenges.

Hmm... well you'll clearly have the smell there regardless. I doubt legally you can add a clause to your lease at this point in the game.

Perhaps, you can capitalize on this lovely smell and market to other medical marijuana users. I'm sure they know they are discriminated against to some degree and if they find a marijauna friendly landlord it may entice them that much more to move in. 

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