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I have a lot to learn about pricing and how to figure out a fair price.

I learned this a long time ago when I got estimates for replacing the roof and fixing the chimney on my primary home.   The estimates were very far apart, the highest more than double the lowest.    I ended up going with the lowest one after getting references and was very pleased with the work.

Later I learned it again about mowing when I sought a few times to have someone mow the lawn at my second home, which I normally do myself.   I kept getting estimates of $150.   Today a very experienced company owner offered me a variety of prices ranging from $30 to $100 depending on the level of service.   He recommended $30.   I went with $75.

I wish I knew how to gain confidence with these things.   I think I end up doing okay, but it's never easy.   It's never comfortable.

Does anyone have any insights about how to make it easier?

Thank you!

Hi Kate

I go by referals and talking to ppl about their vendors.

And once I find a good one, I'm pretty loyal but will let them know that I will get other bids.

Being a Realtor and investor helps in my number of contacts, and to keep good vendor bc they know I will not only use by refer them if I remain happy.

Price is important but RESPONSIVE, RELIABLE, and REASONABLE is my main points

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