Ejectment/Eviction of Tenant post Tax-Deed purchase?

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 We own a home in Weaverville, CA which we bought at a Trinity county tax deed auction and are now exploring options for an ejectment of the tenant and want legal help. Can we do this within the first 12 month redemption period? Anything else major to be aware of?

Does anyone have experience in dealing with tenants right after they buy a home via a county Tax DEED sale? I look forward to hearing your knowledge and experience.

Thanks SO much

In California, there is no redemption period after the auction. (Sounds like you might be referring to the one year period after the sale in which the owner and/or lienholder can challenge the validity of the sale. But that is much different from a redemption period.) 

So you are now the legal owner, and have the right to proceed with an eviction (unlawful detainer action) provided the tenants don't have a lease that you need to honor and you have a legal cause to do so. But you might try talking to them first and see if you can convince them to leave voluntarily. Or maybe offer them "cash for keys" to help motivate them.

Yes Kyle you are correct, I am referring to the one year "challenge" period. Good catch. Thank you.

Since this woman who is living at the house now is the former owner, there is no landlord/tenant relationship. Given that, I read from numerous places that we need to do an "ejectment" not eviction, is that correct in your understanding? We'd LOVE to see a smoother easier path (e.g. coming to mutual understanding that she leaves and we do cash for keys or even help her redeem the overages from the tax deed auction.

I haven't heard of anyone doing an ejectment in California for this purpose.  (Not sure where you read that but make they were talking about California specifically because this type of thing varies from state to state.)  It should be an Unlawful Detainer action that you'd file.  But I still like the idea of trying to go the "easier path" as you said.

Got it thanks. Great help. Cheers.

Hi, I am an investor doing the same in Missouri and would like to know how this actually came out for you guys?? have you bought more deeds with occupants??

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