Can you get rid of cat smell?

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Now that I am in the process of looking for a tenant with my duplex I'm starting to get asked a lot if pets are allowed. Someone just inquired and has 2 dogs and 2 cats.. I'm not so sure if I should even consider it but it got me thinking about cats more.

It sounds like these cats are declawed but 15 years old... all I can think about is those two trouble makers puking all over the place, but you can clean up puke. What's worse would be them spraying all over the place. That being said, if a cat does spray or pee somewhere in the house I've been told there is no way to get rid of the smell. I've also been told with today's cleaners and enzymes it's pretty easy to get rid of the smell.

I wish the forums had a voting option, but I wanted to start up a vote to see what the general consensus is.. I'm assuming it's going to be no but maybe I'm wrong and that is why I wanted to ask the forums.

So can you guys please share your stories? Bad or good? Thanks!

4 pets?  Yikes.  

First of all I would make Ace Ventura give some sort of pet deposit PER PET if you are even considering it.  Our deposit is $300 per pet.  If these tenants are willing to put down $1200 just for a pet deposit that will say a lot.

We flat out do not allow pets in our multi-family buildings, but will consider pets in SFRs. What you do not want is a pet adversely impacting other tenants which is why they work OK in a SFR.

Also, what can't be ignored is taking the tenants entire profile into consideration.  Do they have great income, credit, and no evictions?  If so, you will try and make things work a little bit more with a tenant like that.

@Seth B. (the cat man) wouldn't rent from you if you don't allow cats and I bet he'd be an amazing tenant.

Lol! Yes fair enough. I really don't want to rent out to people with pets either I was more or less curious. Michael, I'll respond to them with that upfront cost. That'll probably get them off my back. Thanks for the suggestion.

We are currently working in a house where cats had sprayed so much it was hard to walk through the front door.  Once the flooring was removed we had to seal the sub floor to get ride of the smell.  It did work and the smell is finally gone but it took a lot.

@Seth B. hey come on now! The trend in pet ownership is growing exponentially.

The enzyme sprays are really good. Odor is no longer a serious problem.

Charge a pet interview fee and a monthly pet fee. You will be more than compensated for allowing pets.

It is a new day.

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