Commercial property truck parking lease

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Guys does anyone have a standard lease or ideas on truck parking for lease. I have property that drivers want to park 18 wheelers on. Thanks for any input!

Is this for a certain company that wants to park their trucks on the property or do you mean you own a property that is near a place where various truck drivers would like to park? 

If it is the latter, and I was going to charge them to park there, I would probably make it be a closed parking lot situation with someone charging as they enter or ticketing when they enter and charging based on time when they exit. 

Actually, I would probably do the same thing for month to month parking also. You could just charge them a certain rate dependent upon the ticketing when they went in and the exiting.  Perhaps you can have a special rate for week-long parking and a special rate for month-long parking with in and out privileges if they were to get a sticker in their window or something along that line.  

You wouldn't really even need to employ anyone there. You could just put a sign up that explains that it is a permit only parking lot and have a phone number on that sign for anyone who would like to seek a permit.  When they call that phone number you go over the agreement as to the price paid. For enforcement, drive through the parking lot or have someone drive through the parking lot a couple times a day or randomly and have anyone towed at owners expense that is not permitted.  Find a commercial towing company that would be willing to charge the truck driver for getting his vehicle back out of an impound lot beforehand so as to have it all prearranged with a fellow company. 

Another great idea might be to purchase your own commercial tow truck and start another company that could tow the vehicles out of your other lot without the drivers necessarily knowing that the same person owns both companies. That way you would be making money on both ends.

Thanks for reply Daniel, all great ideas. This is a situation where multiple trucks are from one company. Several different companies are interested, 2 companies are already leasing on month to month, nothing signed deal. It's a rural location that I am far from, and would like to be as hands off as possible. I answer the inquiry call, send out credit and company info applications, approve and bill at the end of each month after someone drives through to verify number of trucks.

I recently found great peace of land and had the same idea. I was wondering how it was going and if you would have any tips.

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