Denying tenant request?

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My tenant has been in the house for three months now. She just ask if we can put window screens on when my husband goes to change air filter Saturday. The house is air conditioned and there are about 10-11 windows. 

I asked her if everythng was Ok she said yes until I mentioned coming over to change filter. I want to deny her request nicely. What do you think?

Some states landlord tenant laws require you to provide window screens unless written otherwise in the lease. Depending on the type of property window screens should be provided and most tenants expect screens.

Slightly off topic, but are they required in your area? One of my rentals is in a city that got creative in revenue generation. They decided every rental needed a city inspection and charged the land lord for this service. Mine failed for not having the screens in the windows and thus they were installed.  So if it is a required item you may need to buy them anyway.  It didn't set me back to much and we should have a fund for repairs. 

O yeah, every rental needs a business license issued by the city annually. Another creative revenue generation. 

In RI we are required to provide window screens.  If you are not required  I supposed you could just say I am sorry the house does not come with window screens.  I would be inclined to provide some but it is conventional in our area due to the mosquitoes ... If you don't have them and its not usual in the area just say so.  It may be usual elsewhere but not in Texas.   I suppose you also don't get birds in the house if there is no screen either?

In Pearland people might be running the AC nine months of the year, but I'm sure you have a few nice days when it would be good to open the windows without letting bugs in. :)

I think it's a reasonable request. It's easy to build the screens from frame kits if you're handy. If not, it couldn't cost that much to have someone help you out. As a compromise, you could ask her about the three or four windows that are most important, and provide screens for those. Most people would not open every window in the house.

see if you could get away with putting 4 or 5 in for her, and not all 11

Adjustable screens don't cost much at Home Depot. In my opinion windows should have screens.

In North Carolina (at least in my city) working undamaged screens are required by code on every window.

I was thinking the same thing @Bob H. . I live in Pearland and it is too hot to open windows!!. I may compromise and buy a few at Lowes, I don't want to be a push over landlord, although it seems like a simple request....for now!

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