How can I help evict a tenant if I don't own the property?

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So I just started my first direct mail marketing campaign and received my first call. The seller left me a voicemail telling me she didn't want to sell the property I was offering to purchase but had another property. 

I called her and she told me that she didn't want to sell the other house either but wants my help in trying to get a problem tenant out . The tenant hasn't paid rent since 2013 and is causing her to lose money because she could be renting it out to other qualified individuals. It is a five bedroom single family home in Washington, D.C. with views of the national monument. She has tried to evict the tenant but the tenant comes to court with a free lawyer and is allowed to remain in the property. She wants me to act like I am going to purchase the property in hopes this individual will leave.

I want to help her out and I told her I would do some research to see what could be done. She has also offered to connect me with other individuals that she knows may be selling their house in return for my assistance. If I can help solve her problem I think she can help me in the future. Is there anything I can do?  


I had a direct mail like this once. There's a very high probability it goes nowhere for you. A free lawyer doesn't guarantee deadbeat tenants can remain in the house. I don't live in leftist DC, but she must not have her stuff together if she can't evict tenants who haven't paid in at least 17 months. So there's opportunity there. Understand the costs, risks, and time associated with removing the tenants. Compensate yourself for the damage they'll cause on the way out. Offer a price to make her problem go away. If she doesn't/won't consider an offer than 17 months of lost rent hasn't lit the proverbial fire yet. Mike

Jessie, I have a colleague that works for a law firm in DC and I am going to ask them about this.

Jeremy, I understand just moving on but if I can at least get her in contact with someone else or a lawyer that can assist her, I feel she would be pleased and return the favor.

Mike, I am going to dig deeper into this but if she did sell the property I believe it would solve her problem but create a problem for me.

Thanks for the response everyone!

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