Taking down shed = Extra off street parking, but what about Storage?

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Hi All,

I have a rental property (3bd, 1.5bath) one block from VCU. Off street parking is a nice selling point for this property and currently we have 2 and the potential for a 3rd. In order to have that 3rd parking spot we would have to tear down our small/old shed where the lawncare equipment is. I have thought about moving the shed into the backyard, but at this point that might be too much work and it may fall apart.

My question: Would you tear down the shed and have a 3rd off street parking spot? Any suggestions/creative thinking would be much appreciated. Also, if I do get rid of the shed what do I do about lawncare equipment/maintenance of the small yard?


If I understand correctly, there is room for a shed in the rear yard? If that's the case, tear down the shed and get a new one for your lawn equipment. The only thing I'd check on first is what the zoning requirements are for a shed in your area. Make sure you can put back what you are removing. I wouldn't bother moving a shed if it's in that poor of shape and a new prefab shed is relatively inexpensive. 

thanks Carl. 

There is room in the backyard, but I think the shed's condition would not allow it to survive the 10ft move. 

Good advice on checking on the zoning requirements. 

I would definitely get rid of the shed for extra parking. A small metal shed is really inexpensive. 

I would look for a used shed locally. You can hire a company that sells them to move it for you. 

Kill the shed.  Revive the parking space.  

I'm not certain you need to replace the shed.  Who performs lawn maintenance currently?  What exactly is there to do other than mow the lawn and trim hedges?  If the tenants take care of the lawn, you may need to replace the shed.  If you maintain the lawn, you may want to consider hiring an inexpensive lawn entrepreneur to do it for you.  Then you don't need to buy and erect a new shed - not to mention, you won't have to mow the grass over there any more.

I would take down the shed.  That extra parking spot is worth the money and effort you'd have into tearing it down and putting up a new one if necessary.

Who does the lawncare now?  I handle my own- we have very little lawn, I can do all three with a trimmer and blower in less than an hour including driving between properties.  I just bring them over in my truck, but could fit them in a car if needed.  

The previous landlord at one of our rentals was paying a tenant to do it, and they kept the push mower in the basement which has an outside entrance.  You could also look into having a company do it or hiring a neighbor, then you don't need the shed.

One of the tenants cuts the grass. 

As you all have suggested, the Shed is Coming Down. Looking forward to that.

I will look into the cost of a used metal shed. Depending on the look and cost of the shed it would benefit me the most to just go that route. Especially, if the one tenant keeps cutting the grass for free. If that doesn't work I will just bring a mower from my house and cut the grass every other week at the rental.

All of your suggestions have been greatly appreciated.  

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