Don't want to list my home address on everything

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Hello again!  So, this question is stemming from my fears of angry tenants.  I do not want my home address to be known to all of my tenants.  However, it would also be very nice to be able to get rent checks and other business related information right to my home mailbox.  Is there a way to somehow have a 'fake' address that will still forward to my home address?  I don't really want to have to set up a P.O. box and have to make that trip multiple times per week to the post office... 

Caution is one thing.  Paranoia is another.  You need to decide on which you stand.  Do you feel that there will be a tenant that you have made SO mad that they will try to look you up?  I've fired people that have been LIVID and never had one come to my home.  If that worried, then maybe a PO Box with a forwarding address or something along those lines.  Don't let today's media overplay your fears.

I use a PO Box. There are also shared/mock office spaces you can rent for ~$100 month that give you a physical address that you can call your "office" and have stuff mailed there, then forwarded to your home. 

unless your rentals in a different name, all they'd have to do is look up the property's you own on the county assessor website. 

I use a PO Box.  Most of my tenants pay online anyways, and after a month or two with a new tenant who does pay by mail I have a pretty good idea of when to go look for their check (first of the month, or the 4th to just make it before the late fees).  It is sometimes a pain, but I drive by the post office all the time so it is just a matter of swinging in there to check a few times a month.  

And yes, they can just look you up and stop on by, but I am not too worried personally. 

You don't really think you can hide your address from someone who wants to know, do you? I know you have a common name, but try it for yourself - Google "Sarah Miller Canton OH". 

One search result told me that you may be 34, the last 4 digits of your phone number may be 7571, you may be related to David B[...] and Dennis B[...] and you may live on a street named for a tree. Of course, this may be the wrong Sarah Miller.

If people want to find out about you, they will.

If they want to find out where you live, they will. I have a PM to manage and collect rent for me on a property. Somehow, the neighbor (a 90-year-old woman) managed to find out where I live and sent me a letter directly to my home address. You can't hide...

O trust me I know that they can find info if they wanted! (although none of that was true).  But my thoughts were if they had to work for it then they would be less likely to throw rocks at my house!  Go to and sign up for a free trial if you really want to see some stalker info.  I know multiple ways to look up people's information.   

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