Early move-in barter for cleaning

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So, I tried to search this and couldn't find anything.  I'm wondering if anyone has tips for exchanging an early move-in date for the new tenant doing cleaning at the property.

The early move-in would be a full week and the tenant can clean the property as much or as little as they'd like.  It won't start off in filthy condition, but it will require some cleaning.

Let's assume I've decided to do it so we can avoid the 'should i or shouldn't i' discussions.

What i'm interested in is how it's been done before (contract used?  addendum to the formal lease?)  Any other considerations.

Thank you!

I assume you hold a security deposit and have some contract language that says you will deduct from the security deposit for things that are not left as clean as they were when the tenant moved in. If you intend to require that the place be clean when the tenant moves out, with the possibility of cleaning deductions if it's not clean enough, then you have two options:

1. Require the tenant to do the move-in cleaning to a standard that you expect when the tenant moves out, so then you can deduct from the deposit if the place is not left as clean as it was when the tenant began post-cleaning occupancy. Do a "move-in" post-cleaning inspection with the tenant so you can agree on the starting condition of the house.

2. If you don't intend to require the tenant to clean much as a condition of early occupancy, then in some other way you have to define the acceptable move-out condition. Otherwise the tenant can leave it as dirty as it was when the tenant moved in, but then you get nothing in return for allowing the early occupancy.

@Lucas Wagner what's your plan to document the move in condition? Will you do an official move in inspection with check list?

I know you're going to wish you documented carefully once the honeymoon period ends and the real tenant reveals themselves.

Whatever you do - PLEASE document the "starting condition" even if it's after their cleaning.

Best to you.

@Lucas Wagner

Unless the tenant runs their own cleaning service, I would pass on this barter.  If they ran their own service, I'd use a separate contract for the cleaning.

As others have pointed out, you need to document (including pictures) the unit before the tenant moves-in; conduct a move-in inspection with the tenant and have them sign an inspection report.   On move-out, you carryout a move-out inspection with the tenant (after they have moved their belongings and cleaned); document it (including photos) in an inspection report and have the tenant sign the report to acknowledge it.

Had exactly that scenario a couple of months ago, mother and daughter who work for a cleaning company, they had keys early (still paid the month and deposit), and they did a fantastic job. Made the place spotless.

Didn't bother with contracts etc, because how exactly do you enforce it at the end of the day? And if a tenant is going to live in dirt anyway, you are getting the house back dirty regardless. So really wasn't any skin off my nose if they did or didn't clean the house before moving in,

Thank you all for your replies!  very helpful

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