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What do landlords think about renting to someone who has been at same job for 7yrs but main income is tips? There is no past rental info because applicant has been in long term relationship with a guy who owns the home but they have split up. Applicant seems emotionally stable, level headed and drives a nice clean car. We are getting background and credit check. But main question is the unknown income from tips.

Can you ask they get a co-signer? I'd maybe lean on that a bit more. You could call her ex and ask how she was as a roommate but you might not get a good reference depending on how the relationship ended. 

Base it off of credit and other backround check as well. When in doubt, I'd probably pass.

Tips are not constant and of course you have to take the seasonality of it.

If you have an inkling of doubt renting, I would do a month to month for the 1st year and see how it goes.

Frankly, I would pass on this tenant, but, you might not have anyone else interested and hence looking for a solution.

Good luck.

Go to the restaurant where they work .See for yourself 

You could ask for income-tax records. Then, if she has been hiding the tip income from the government and her income appears too low to qualify for a rental, she knows whom to blame.

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