Charge a fee for delivering 5 day pay or quit notice?

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Ok so filling out and delivering pay or quit notices is not tough but more so just annoying. I have thought about adding to my lease a fee for filling out and delivering these. It is about a 50 mile round trip. I write the mileage off but the fee would be more so for my time delivering it.

Does anyone else do this? If so how much do you charge?

P.S. Tenants are already on the hook for $50 late fee, do you think this would kind of be double dinging them?

@Ryan B.

  could be a nice little cottage industry... talk to all your top PM companies in the area and offer the service. I suspect to make any money you need to do one an hour in a concentrated area... there by making 400 to 500 a day back out gas etc. maybe you net 400 a day.. plus be careful of course ... can be in some hairy situations do ing this

If you've got the point of delivering such a notice, you're about to be knocked for rent anyway.

You won't see a penny of this fee, so knock yourself out. Add a million bucks. Makes no difference. You will drive 50 miles, and you won't get paid. It just sucks.

I don't know what the rules are in your state, but one option we have is to use the US mail.  We have a 7 day pay or quite notice, using the mail adds only one day (might take 2 days but the day after you mail it is what the court considers the first day of the 7 day period.  I only have an 18 miles round trip but no guarantee the delinquent tenant will be there when I try to deliver the notice and you can't just leave it taped to the door.  

I don't charge for the pay or quit notice, they are already on the hook for the late fee at this point like you said.  It is not their fault you are 50 miles away ;)

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I am making adjustments right now my lease agreement to include several new fees. One of those fees is a "service of notice charge" which I will charge every-time a notice must be served that is the result of tenant. Whether that notice is to remind them not to smoke in the property, a pay or quit notice, a pick up you pets crap notice etc. If I have to be inconvenienced due to their not abiding by the rules, then you had better believe I'm going to charge for it. Just my opinion, take what you like and leave the rest.

I charge a $75 fee for any legal notice I have to post. I haven't had to put any yet.

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