Temporary Phone for Landlording

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Is there a way to only get a cellphone for just a few weeks?

Most of the time, I don't really need a cellphone or smart phone. I can see the obvious benefits and convenience about having one, but its not really a necessity for me. 

The only reason I'll need one now is when I'm showing a rental and I'll need a number for somebody to contact me while I'm at the rental.

Have you looked into Consumer Cellular? They've got inexpensive plans with no contracts.

Whenever we need a temp phone we use magic jack and I am not positive but I think you can point it to your cell phone.

The other option to try is GoogleVoice phone

Get a google voice number.  These calls can be forwarded to your existing phone, you screen calls before answering, set up a custom voicemail, and shut it down whenever you like.  Best thing is, it's 100% free.  Here's some info https://www.google.com/googlevoice/about.html

Walmart has plenty of month to month phone plans.

Go with one of the month-to-month cellular providers.  I can recommend PagePlusCellular.  They resell the Verizon network.  You can bring your own phone.  You can apply $10 to your account and make it last 4 months if you don't use it often.  I buy these plans for parents that only have cell phones for emergencies.  Phones were old phones of mine, or purchased from Ebay.

You can get a "burner" phone any number of places.  Wal Mart and Walgreens for two.

But why only temporary?   How are your tenants going to get in touch with you after you get one in place?

As @Jon Holdman indicated, I am wondering why you want to be partially connected?

This isn't a recipe for success in this connected  and instant communications world.

I am sure you are thinking of other social media methods of communication, but, talk will never go away!

There are several ways of obtaining a cheap/free phone connection as outlined in several responses, so, you might want to rethink this strategy. 

Frankly, It doesn't look professional from my viewpoint.

If I were your tenant and have an issue that needs to be addressed promptly or otherwise and can't speak with you, then, that would be a huge problem.

I think some posters here misunderstand your situation. I think you have a working home phone and think you need to be contacted elsewhere only when showing your rental.

I have spent more time than I'd like to admit studying cheap cell phones. I settled on a Moto G from TextNow for $23, including shipping, plus $18.99 a month for unlimited talk and text and 500 mb data. Ting was my second choice. As others have noted, many companies have cheap pay-as-you-go plans that have no continuing cost if you allow your minutes to expire.

If you want some phone service while not at home, get a cheap phone and then get a Google Voice number or a free number from RingTo, which will let you make and receive calls free from any wifi hot spot, such as McDonald's or Starbucks.

For an extremely cheap home phone, assuming that you have Internet service, get a box from Obihai for about $50 and pay $12 a year for 911 service.

Get a smartphone and use it to your advantage!

You can practically run a property management business from your phone if you want to...

More efficient = more time, and more money!

Striaght Talk Wireless offers a pretty decent phone and 1 month plan for around $30. Once you're done and no longer need the number just hang onto the phone. You can buy a new access card the next time you need to repeat the process.

As others have said, google voice is a great temporary option, if you have a phone and can get it set up.


You have all the suggestions above about getting an inexpensive cell service.  Pick one of them and then keep it. You are in a bussines that requires you to have a cell phone so your tenants can reach you.  Its a new time and you have to Face it and get with it.

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