Painting apt every 2 years in nyc

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Hi BP,

I am having a problem qith a tenant whose lease expired 8 years ago and i can't evict her in a legal perspective because of financial. My tenant wanted her apt painted after two years. We did the painting ( ehere she perferred) then after 2 weeks later she wanted the bathroom repainted. My question is can the landlord be only responsible for one visit to paint where ever the tenant want rather than the second trip.

I forgot to mention that within that 8 years i found out that the tenant painted their bedrooms orange, pink and blue. Do i take the cost of paint from their security deposit before they move? 

You should deduct not only the cost of paint but also the cost of having someone do the painting. I assume that your lease forbids painting without your permission or at least says that, to get the full security deposit back, the tenant must leave the property in the condition it was when the tenant moved in, except for normal wear and tear.

@Bob H.

 thanks Bob, we told them they can paint as long they inform us the color first. They never did and went ahead and chose a bright dark color. Nothing was written and nothing was verbally compromised

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