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Good Morning,

I am in search of a "No Pet" addendum for existing leases.  I would greatly appreciate it if someone could provide a template or point me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance!


We do not have a separate No Pet addendum, but we do have a paragraph in our lease agreement that may help some.

9. PETS: A. Unless the parties agree otherwise in writing, Tenant may not permit, even temporarily, any pet on the Property (including but not limited to any mammal, reptile, bird, fish, rodent, or insect).

B. If Tenant violates this Paragraph 9 or any agreement to keep a pet on the Property, Landlord may take all or any of the following action:

(1) declare Tenant to be in default of this lease and exercise Landlord's remedies under Paragraph 27;

(2) charge Tenant, as additional rent, an initial amount of $_________ and $_____ per day thereafter per pet for each day Tenant violates the pet restrictions;

(3) remove or cause to be removed any unauthorized pet and deliver it to appropriate local authorities by providing at least 24-hour written notice to Tenant of Landlord's intention to remove the unauthorized pet; and

(4) charge to Tenant the Landlord's cost to:

(a) remove any unauthorized pet;

(b) exterminate the Property for fleas and other insects;

(c) clean and deodorize the Property's carpets and drapes; and

(d) repair any damage to the Property caused by the unauthorized pet.

C. When taking any action under Paragraph 9B Landlord will not be liable for any harm, injury, death, or sickness to any pet.

I know that there is one in the resources tab at the top of your screen. You can also use the search function to find more info.

Here is one below that is not mine. It was copy and pasted from someone else's post. Sorry I cannot remember who it was or I would tag them.


Addendum to Lease signed _______________________________________________ (Date & Address)

between Landlord and Tenants: ________________________________________________

This Addendum states the responsibilities involved with being both a Tenant and a pet owner. Only the pet(s) listed on this Addendum or in the Rental Application are allowed. No pet sitting allowed.

Name of pet _______________________ Age _______________________

Breed ____________________________Size _______________________

Name of pet _______________________ Age _______________________

Breed ____________________________Size _______________________

1. The pet(s) and Tenant(s) will comply with all Rules, Laws and Regulations of the Owners’ Association (if any) and legal jurisdiction that the city of (insert city) requires; including licensing. Dogs will not be allowed out of the property without a leash. Pet(s)shall not be left unattended outside the Dwelling Unit.Tenant shall not inflict or cause cruelty in connection with any pet(s).Commercial breeding of pet(s)is prohibited.Tenant will remove or secure any pet(s) on the premises when property is on the market or when repairs are scheduled.

2. Rats and other pests are attracted by pet feces and food. Tenant is responsible for keeping property free of feces. Tenant is responsible for extermination of all pests. Pet(s)will be fed indoors only. Food will not be left outdoors

3. Tenant shall ensure that the pet(s) shall not bite, injure or harm any individual or other pet(s), and shall not disturb others (neighbors or guests) or cause damage to the Dwelling Unit or the premises. If, in Landlord’s opinion, the pet(s) has injured or disturbed others, or has damaged property, Tenant must permanently remove the pet(s) within fifteen (15) days (or sooner in the case of an emergency) of receiving written notice, and failure to do so shall constitute a violation of the Lease Agreement, and may subject Tenant to eviction. Tenant is financially responsible for any property damage, injury, or disturbances the pet may cause or inflict and releases the Landlord from all liability. Tenant agrees to promptly pay the Landlord for any damage or expenses caused by the pet(s) or the pet(s) actions.

4. Landlord and/or Agent reserves the right to enter the property to investigate any violations. Reasonable notice will be given unless circumstances require otherwise, such as in the event of an emergency. If pet(s) become vicious, severely ill, or poses an immediate threat to the health and safety of the pet(s), or others, Owner or Agent may enter the Premises and remove, or cause to be removed, the pet(s) and take any other action the Owner or Agent determines appropriate. Tenant shall be responsible for all costs involved and releases Owner or Agent from any liability.

5. At termination of occupancy, Tenant will have premises de-flead and de-ticked by a professional exterminator. Tenant will have carpet professionally cleaned and deodorized. Paid receipts are required from both contractors

6. Landlord reserves the right to require Tenant to maintain liability insurance for the pet(s) identified in this PetAddendum.

7. Landlord reserves the right to revoke permission to keep the pet and to terminate the Lease Agreement for violation of this addendum. Tenant will be responsible for the remaining unexpired term of the lease until property is rented to a new tenant

8. INERPRETATION: This Addendum supplements the terms and conditions of the Lease. If any provisions of this Addendum conflicts with any provisions of the Lease, this Addendum shall control.


Tenant Date


Tenant Date



Thank you both for providing the information.  This is very helpful and very much appreciated.

@Mark Loshelder , the clause that @Account Closed has seems a bit risky. I would not recommend personally removing anyone's pet nor try to say that you wouldn't be liable for that pet's harm, sickness, death, etc. That seems like trouble waiting to happen and a decent chance that a judge would disagree.

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