electronic payment, partial payment and eviction

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hi and thank you for your help!

we typically have our tenants pay rent electronically so we can avoid the "i mailed the check so the post office must have lost it" excuse.  but we are experiencing a situation never encountered before so not sure how to avoid it.  here are the details:

property is in Kitsap County in WA State

tenant is late with rent so we serviced 3 day notice

they don't have the money so we need to start eviction

however, if they electronically send in a partial  payment that would stop the eviction process.  

the question is how do we keep electronic payments but not accept partial payments??

Hi Mike,

I work for a rent payment service and the current service you use would either need an option that blocks partial payments from being submitted or an option to reject partial payments after they have been submitted but before they begin processing.