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I am currently using the lease agreement provided here by BP.  I see no where on there about gutters, and my tenant has water coming in the basement, but my handyman showed me photos of overgrown gutters.  How would you address this?

I would suggest you clean the gutters yourself. I wouldn't require the tenant to get on a ladder to clean the gutters. If the gutters are prone to clogging put it in the schedule to do once a year or every other year.

I agree with Jeremy. You should have your handyman put your gutters on a regularly scheduled service to keep them maintained.

 Besides protecting your property it also lowers your liability. A lot of injuries occur with people falling off a ladder's.  I can already see the personal injury attorney smiling when he hears that the tenant fell off the ladder because he was required to maintain the gutters.

I clean the gutters on all of my properties in early summer, after the maple trees put off their whirlybird seeds.

It's part of being a real estate investor.  Maintenance is the key.  If you can't do it, hire someone who will.

Like all the other posters have stated. Do it yourself or hire it out.  HUGE liability risk having a tenant on a ladder cleaning the gutters. 

Water coming into the basement sounds more like a grading problem than a problem with overflowing gutters. Even if the gutters and downspouts are not doing their job, water should drain away from the house.

You can buy products that block leaves from entering gutters while allowing water in.

Yet another option: Move to the Austin area, where it bugs me quite a bit that most houses have few gutters. The builders typically install gutters only near doorways and porches. 

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