Hey all, hope this finds you well...

I'm looking into my first out of town buy-and-hold properties in a couple of different cities. I have some contacts in each city, and the ability to drive to one in half a day, meaning that for larger scale things I could go myself. The other would require flight and I'd prefer to stay out of things there. (And will have a manger.) 

But I was curious if someone might walk me through the procedure they've used when a tenant moves out, as far as clean-up and prep for the next move-in? I'm actually going through a (primary residence) move myself here soon... and it's such a mountain of work, it got me thinking about handling a lot of this from out of town. 

Does anyone have a quick procedure checklist they use, even if it's just what their PM is doing for them at the time of move-out? So from the time of notice... to move-out... to walk-through... to cleaning/updating for next tenant, I'm just wounding how workflow for this procedure might go from the perspective of an out of town property owner. 

Thanks for letting me tap into the collective brain here all!