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I'm going to be renting the extra bedroom in my house and have been getting a lot of questions about who my girlfriend and I are? I would like to change my rental ad to include information about myself and my girlfriend but I don't want to violate any rules about exclusive advertisement. Anyone know if the landlord can make an ad including information about himself and girlfriend?

In a situation like this people are just wanting to know who they will be living with. Unlike a rental they are sharing living space with you. Personally I would start with posting on facebook for acquaintances/friends. I see no problem posting a blurb about yourself/living conditions. 

I always only describe the property. Not the tenant I seek, not the owner/LL.  I don't even say "walk to bus line and shops" because some people don't walk.  In my CL ads,  I ask questions and only allow them to respond by anonymous CL e-mail.  Here are some typical questions: How far is this from your work/income source? How many in your household? Do you smoke? Do you have pets? How soon would you like to/ have to move?

When people respond, it will open a dialogue you can e-mail back and talk about yourselves as you choose.  It will also help you screen up front.  If they don't answer at all, that says a lot, too.  As the e-mail screening graduates up, you can exchange numbers and meet.  Hope this helps @Jon Loca !

Thank you Steve and Ryan for your responses. 

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