discovering workman is a convicted felon-what are landlords obligations?

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I ran a criminal check on a workman  recently hired & found out he is a convicted felon & was in prison until 2011 ( crime-identity theft). Our ad specifically said do not apply if you  cannot pass a criminal background check.   He is a good worker, but I am very concerned about having him work on occupied properties (so far I have only had him do exterior yard work on vacant houses)--   When I confronted him  about what we found, he said that I was happy with his work so why am I concerned about lhis past & doesn't everyone deserve a chance, etc.

What would other landlords do? 

I would get rid of him. He already lied once on the application. Knowing what you know would be a lability for you if anything ever happens.

I would not want the liability of him working on occupied properties.

Use him on your vacant properties if he is doing a good job. Even if it is just outside for now. He has a point about a second chance. You may get burned or you may have someone that will be extremely loyal because you took a chance and gave him a second chance.

I agree with using him on vacant policies. I am sure there are contractors who put on a good front, will pass a background check, do good work but will rob you blind, and I am sure there are guys with records whom have changed their ways..l trust is always earned and use on vacant properties. 

appreciate the feedback--while I believe in second chances, the fact that he ignored the caveat on our ad of "don't respond if you cannot pass a background check", indicated to us that he was ok in being deceptive--even if it was to prove himself as a good worker so we would overlook the criminal aspect--I feel that having him around  increases our liability for a lawsuit, and if something Actually DID happen, we had knowledge & put our tenants and their security at risk---PS--asked our attorney & he said get rid of him, so that is the plan--

If you're using him on vacant property then there is little chance for him to repeat the offense.  However, once a felon always a felon.  Trust but verify... I would be really careful about giving him credit cards to purchase supplies.  You might have to deal with him on a different level, especially at first.  You might want to talk to his PO if he has one; there may be a program that gets you a tax break.  Tread lightly, especially since he lied on his application. 

Good luck  

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