St. Joseph, MO Property Management

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I have been doing research into property management companies in St. Joseph, MO. Does anyone have any recommendations? Donna Farrow's company appears the best I have come across.

They don't have any available in the city.  Donna Farrow & Co has a certification from the institute of real estate management (IREM), are those similar?

My father used Donna Farrow before he passed. We inherited the house in the trust and found out the house was in disrepair after the last tenants moved out. They never indicated it was as bad as it was. I was shocked at how they allowed it to get the way it was. After they couldn't rent it out after 2 months (not knowing the house was in the shape it was in at the time I understand now why it didn't rent) they sent me a letter ending our contract with something to the effect that they were trying to get away from residential PM. Obviously I knew that was a lie but decided to sell the house rather than put money into it to re-rent. I would ask for many references. I personally would not use them again.


All I can tell you is I grew up there and that company has been there for a very long time. They were one of the bigger names 30 years ago, so I assume they are still very prominent.