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What is the difference between the national assoication of residential property mangers (NARPM) vs the institue of real estate mangement (IREM)? It seems like they do the same thing, but IREM offers certifications for commercial properties as well residential, any advice?

The national association of residential property mangers (NARPM) specializes single-family properties and some small multifamily.  If you have single-family properties that people with (NARPM)designations are specialists in that area.

Institute of real estate arrangement (IREM) specializes in multifamily and commercial.

If you have medium to large multifamily properties or commercial roperties IREM designees specialize in those

I have also heard about NARPM what are the costs of this organization? How does it compare to IREM?

@Edward Lawrence we just paid $340 to renew a year's associate membership in NARPM. It lists us in its property management directory and has various other membership perks. Our owner/broker has been a member of both organizations for years bc we do everything but commercial office space and want to be able to take advantage of the membership perks and directory listings for people searching for PM.

@Edward Lawrence NARPM dues are $245/year and if you are a professional manager that is the deal of the century for what they offer you.

@John J.  Just what @Account Closed said:  NARPM is single Family; IREM is multi-family.   Both are great organizations that offer "real" credentialing.  For instance: Kevin is a Master Property Manager (MPM) and this is not some "pay $100 and go to a  3 hour class" thing. It's a really big deal. Not sure about him but it took me over 4 years to get my MPM. 

He also holds the CRMC designation for his company which is a huge thing. 

Thank you all for the info, I am going to look into becoming a member. It sounds like a great organization to learn and grow. 

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