Queens NY Contractor recommendations

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does anybody here have any recommendations for reliable contractors? Not a very big job but few things to get fixed up at home to make it move-in condition - maybe looking at about 30k


I hired a contractor to renovate my friend's apartment in Manhattan that did nice work and reliable. He finished when he said he would and has insurance  (cause doorman building and strict about that). I'm assuming he wouldn't have a problem working in Queens? His prices were reasonable I thought but of course everything is expensive in New York. PM me if you want his number. Attaching before and after photos of what he did in my friends studio. 

Hi Sam Dal. My friend hired this contractor for her apt in Brooklyn but he is based in Queens. His name is Tom. https://www.buildzoom.com/contractor/chien-and-***...

You can get quote and compare. He is on time and reliable. My friend recommends him to me.

Good luck. 


@Sam Dal hey sam, I don't have any suggestions but some kind reminders.  Even though this is a small job, spend the time vetting who you hire run reference checks and ask for multiple bids.  You want to make sure that the contractor will work for every penny.

@Laura Williams that looks like good work.  Definitely going to keep you in contact for the future.

Hi Sam, If you are still looking for a contractor please message me. I work with multiple contractors. Everyone company has been vetted through the years. Thanks, Jeff

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