Ultimate Guide to Landlord House Rules ?

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Hi BP,

(this is my first post, so Hi to everyone. I've been reading a lot and now is time to start writing too!)

Is there a BP Ultimate Guide to Landlord House Rules?

I have searched but haven't found one. In many articles, blog posts and podcasts, there are often mentions of house rules to give to / get signed by new tenants, sometimes with great examples.

It would be awesome if an Ultimate Guide of House Rules could be compiled. This would allow new, and even experienced, landlords to create or perfect their own "house rules" document.

This might have been done or suggested in the past. If so, please let me know where it is hidding. If not, well, this could be a great add-on to BP.

Cheers :)

I would not treat tenants like students. House rules are of little value. The lease states all conditions. You expect your tenant to maintain the rental unit to your standards, inspect on a regular bases and terminate, assuming you are allowed, asap if they do not live up. This is why I prefer short or M2M leases.

 House rules are a guide for them to ignore if they choose. What you do is screen for tenants that have social standards similar to your own and hope for the best.

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