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What's the most memorable first impression an applicant or tenant ever made on you? I have an open rental so I'm having some amazing conversations to say the least. One today called and asked me how many outlets I had in the basement, I told him I wasn't quite sure (because I never actually counted) but could follow up with him and asked if there was a particular concern. He said he was a uh, botanist and needed lights plugged in, in the basement. Um.... Botanist? Basement? Lights? I wanted to ask him if his name was Walter White (bonus points if you get the reference). Whats you most memorable?

An applicant applied for my home and for their employment listed Mortician.  I said wow, where is your funeral home, and they said it will be in the basement.

Had an applicant apply for our home and as she was talking to me a roach crawled out of her sleeve.

Had a house for rent at $750.00 a month.  Gal applies for the home and lists her income as $500.00 a month. 

While doing an open house two large men tried to rob me, luckily people started coming into the home for the open house and the "creeps" ran away.

Had an applicant's mother co-sign for a house for her daughter.  I gave her a pen to fill out the application form and she refused to give me back the pen. 

Just some of my first impressions.

Nancy Neville

@Nancy Neville Whoa. Another reason not to do open houses.  Those are some amazing stories.

Most of my entertaining stories are about tenants after they moved in.  But, as far as applicants, the one that was the most memorable was actually a positive experience.  It was a young man who was living in Southern California, and he was going to be starting law school at the university across the street from the building I managed in Santa Clara (Northern CA).  He couldn't come up to look at rentals, so he had a local adult family friend who was looking at rentals for him.

So, as I started showing the unit to the family friend, he took out his smart phone and called the law student using Skype.  It was the first time I'd seen Skype used.  All of a sudden there was the law student on the screen and we had a conversation as if we were in person.  And the family friend showed him the apartment by walking him around on the phone.  He even showed him the view out the windows. And the law student could ask me questions, and answer my questions.

It was like something out of the Jetson's (you have to be old to know this reference lol).  I thought it was the coolest thing!

And yes, I rented to him. Very smart, resourceful, responsible tenant.  I bet he's a great lawyer now.

And the family friend was very professional and older, maybe late 30's or early 40's.  So, in this case, it wasn't off-putting to show the unit to someone who was looking for someone else, which I didn't normally do, unless it was this type of situation.

Shortly afterwards, I learned about Skype and started using it myself!

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