SmartMove Background Checks - FLAME!

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I HATE this site!! After several attempts of inputting what I KNOW to be my correct password, I still can't log in, so in an attempt to get in, I use the forgot password link... which of course DOES NOT WORK!! And in a last ditch effort to gain access, I call their support number, and you guessed it... CLOSED!
C'mon BiggerPockets... can't you align yourself with a better company, it obivously wouldn't be difficult. "Joe's u-Check'em" would be better!!! 

Hi @Shawn York

I just read your post to Mark - you know, the IT guy...

He says to try the Forgot Password link in a different browser.  Some websites don't optimize functionality for all browsers.  Try Chrome and Firefox and if that doesn't work, make sure your browser is updated to the current version as well, then retry.

PS - aren't we supposed to be having dinner soon?

Sue: Hell yeah! :-) That's some good advice right there!

Linda: I tried both Chrome and IE. No dice. But get this, apparently if you go directly to the site, it doesn't work. BUT... if you use a link from within BP to access the site... then it DOES work. How idiotic is that? I was able to log in that way and sent an application out this evening for Denver.
Anyway, yes; we DO need to have dinner soon. We'll be finishing up work on the Denver house this weekend... as much as we're going to do ourselves anyway.

We have several showings in Longmont this weekend as well and likely already have the right candidate but I'm not selling us short on applicants if they don't work out. How about Wednesday this coming week? I'll have to check with the boss of course.

What I found is that their subsite (the biggerpockets portion) is not aligned with their main level site. So if you time out, it takes you to the MAIN login page, not the BP login page. It's a pain and I do not like their service but I haven't found another provider that does eviction, credit, and criminal. If someone knows one, let me know.

I had an issue with them once, for some reason they couldn't give me the reports my tenant paid for and wouldn't refund him, so I stopped using them.  This was before I knew to go through the BP site though so maybe they treat BPers better?

@Bryan O. - I use, they do criminal, credit, and eviction for $29.45.  Reports are up within 5-10 minutes, but I pay for them.

@Kelly N. it looks like you have to pay a monthly subscription to use their service. Is that right? I would only want the screening check and have no use for the rest of their services, so if it is a monthly fee + screening cost it wouldn't be worth it.

@Bryan O. - I guess I must be signed up with the "basic" service, which has no service fees, I just pay as I do the prospective tenant background checks.  I am currently at 10 units now, so may need to upgrade in the future, or will possibly be shopping around.  

I just used Smartmove, and while it was nice that the tenant could pay, I have had difficulty interpreting the reports. I had one tenant that was rejected, and another that was accepted, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out why! 

I do like the reports from MyRental and tenant background search better.

Thanks @Andrea Collatz

As you read, I was able to log in and run a check after I figured it out on my own. It seem really dumb to me that an account with SmartMove isn't simply an account and you have to jump through an extra set of hoops just to log in. I'd think that a company would want to make access to their services as simple as possible. Either way I'll definitely be using another background check place in the future. In addition to not having access to records online like other services like, which allows me to log in and look at past checks which include vitals that I may need to assist in skip trace like SSN or DOB, (unfortunately in that positio nas we speak) SmartMove doesn't do employment or previous landlord checks either. For the extra $5, I'm better off using Rental Services. I tried SmartMove and I'd use it again if it included these services. What I did like about SmartMove is that is allows me to see the whole credit report and Rental Services doesn't. If I could combine the 2 services, I could rule the background check world.

Originally posted by @Bryan N. :

Always works for me. 

Their reports are horrendous though! So hard to read.....

When i had a realtor do a background check for me they used a local tenant screening company to do it and it was 100x better than as far as readability goes.