Property Visit - How often is too often?

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Purchased my first rental a few months ago.  When I rented a years ago duplex the owner only came to the house to collect rent.  I personally was OK with that.  I also rented a duplex in the past and the owner knocked on my door every weekend and at least another time during the week.  Averaged a face to face conversation about 6-7 times a month.  I felt that was a little much.  I have been visiting my property about every other weekend to make sure the houses boiler system is purged and do minor yard up keep.  What would this boards opinions be on how often should you visit.  I don't want to be overly aggressive or give the impression that I don't care about the house.

Thank you!

Well certainly 6-7 times a month is waaaay to much!  If it is occupied and you are receiving timely rents that usually means everything is okay in the rental.  They call for everything!  If you are in charge of yard maintenance your bi-weekly visit should be sufficient without knocking on your tenants door.  Yes, you own the property but they also have the right to privacy.  

I live 15 minutes from my 3 rental properties, and I am there weekly at a minimum to take care of the lawns.  I don't collect rent in person and I don't go out of my way to chat with my tenants.  If I happen to be there on trash day, I will put the empty trash cans up by the houses.  I check the basements (outside entrances) for flooding, and change the furnace filter monthly.  I sweep or vacuum the common entry way about once per month (or as needed) and check that the sidewalks are getting shoveled and salted in the winter.

If I am needed at any of my rentals, I tend to at least drive by the others since they are within a few blocks of each other, just out of habit.  Lately that has been more often since I am showing apartments at one of them.

I think my tenants would be annoyed if I kept coming by to chat.


For single family, If nothing brakes, I can go months between visits.  I try to go through every 6 months or so to make sure that there isn't any defered maintenance that could harm the building.  This would give me an idea of how they are treating the place.  For the multi-family, we go by every 2 or 3 weeks to do lawns in the summer, and depending on the snow load, we go by every month or less in the winter to plow.  I rarely talk to tenants, but at least they know I'm aware of things. I never go inside unless they ask me to, something is broke, or I'm on my semi-anual 'plumbing inspection'.