Going into second interview need help please.

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I worked for my parents company they own 100 units half in the Bronx and half in Manhattan. I've interviewed at a real estate mgmt company that owns 400 condos/co-ops and rents them (will still be helping my parents, I just want to feel successful without riding their coattails). The first interview went well but they've called me for a second. I feel out of ammo! What questions should I ask them? How do I prepare for this, and how to I help the people who help me on this website? I know I'm one of either two or three people who have been called in.

First thing is relax and don't place any pressure on yourself.  I don't know your age but whatever the outcome, you will know more at the end of the interview than when you started the process and life will go on.  You will either get the job and grow in your career or not and grow in your career.

Nothing will be wasted.

Do your research on the company.  Ask them how they find their properties and how they screen their tenants.

Ask what their expectation is of this position.  Is there a formal written job description? Why is the position open?

If this is your first real interview outside the family business, enjoy the experience.  Make sure you are aware of your surroundings and don't rush.   Breath slowly and speak confidently.

If they ask a question you don't know, tell them you don't know the answer but are willing to learn how they approach the subject.

This is a process.  Absorb it.  Embrace it. There will always be more down the road.  

Either way you will be okay.

Good luck.

@Scott Gray Very nicely written.  Good advice for a lot of things in life.

@Krishna Shiwdin Try not to worry so much. (I know, easier said than done) Just try to remember all that you already have knowledge of. You have some good experience under your belt.  

Thanks @Scott gray, you are right either way I will learn something.  I'm 25, this is my second time applying for PM job outside of my family company. The first time didn't work out but I did learn and I think that's why I am being called in for a second interview this time around. I really want this job. I like the questions about asking them how they find their properties, I also heard a few great questions such as "What problems are your company currently facing" and "Where do you see the major prospects for growth and expansion, both for this company and for this position". Any additional advice would be welcome. 

Chances are you encounter their biggest problems every day. Ask what their biggest daily challenges are and the. Tell them what experience you have in solving it! Relax! Take a breath! You will do GREAT!
Originally posted by @Carolina E. :

@Scott Gray Very nicely written.  Good advice for a lot of things in life.

@Krishna Shiwdin Try not to worry so much. (I know, easier said than done) Just try to remember all that you already have knowledge of. You have some good experience under your belt.  

 Thank you. I'm trying to concentrate on what I know but I do worry :) Remembering is easy now, difficult in front of a future boss.

My favorite question to ask is:

"Based on what you have learned from me thus far, why wouldn't you hire me? Is there anything specific I could explain to you in more detail that would change your outlook on hiring me?"

Always comes out differently in the real world, best advise if you do use this question is to stay fluid. Ask the question as if you have nothing to hide and nothing to lose, but do not sound cocky. You have to ask the question as a question.This question changes the status quo and puts the interviewer on the spot; which is something they are almost never in. 

Also remember most companies want someone who is not going to be fake and hide who they truly are. Do not pretend to be someone you not, everyone has flaws don't be afraid of them. Tell them your experience, the fact your 25, and that you want to get out and make a name for yourself. That right there tells me you are focused, driven, and will be a hardworking employee. 

You were given a second interview for a reason chief, this is the time to show them how you truly are. If its the same interviewers perfect, walk in as if you have known them for 15 years. Don't be afraid, you have nothing to lose. They are probably more afraid than you are, because if they hire a dud they will be on the line. You got this! Follow your dream, this is one step towards your ultimate goals!

Every time I look at possible places to work I go to the 'about us' section of their website. I want to know their mission statement and how they plan to reach their goals. 

If there is no mission statement they are automatically out of the running for a place I want to work at. If they don't know where they are going I don't know how I'll fit in.

Cater questions, your resume, and recommendation letters to their mission statement and goals. This shows that you allign with their goals. Also, ask at least one question that pertains to their mission statement. For example, if they are looking to improve the quality of living in the neighborhood and restore the neighborhood to yesteryear then you need to ask at least ONE specific question pertaining to their mission statement. If its a generic question make sure to prep for a more in depth question. I've found this usually catches them a bit off guard. Can't say how it impacts what they think of you but I like to think it makes them remember you a bit longer.

Thank you all so much. I felt really good during the interview, was told I asked great questions and that I was an intelligent person! Feeling great right now. I'll update if I get the job! Seriously thank you guys so much.

Good luck!  Lots of great responses above.  If you haven't already, make a list of all of your accomplishments in your present experience.  Make a list of problems you encountered and how you solved them...or at least a few key words that will remind you of the incidents.  The night and/or morning before, read over your lists a few times.

It is a confidence boost and will put you in the right frame of mind for showing them why you are the best candidate for the position.

You will also be guided by the questions they ask you.  I'm sure you will find you have a lot more to tell them about your achievements, once you get going.  In addition, second interviews are often with different people, so it is not necessarily unusual to repeat some of the same information you have already given. 

I know that feeling of being out of ammo, ha!

I interviewed for my current position a few years back and I had about 10 years less experience than what they were looking for, but my recruiter had a lot of faith in me and said that I had enough drive to prove to this company that I would be a good fit.  

FOUR interviews later, it ended up being 3 of us left for one position.  So at my last interview with the Vice President I was out of gas, and I just remember looking over at him and saying, "Chris, I'm going to look you in the eye right now and tell you I CAN DO THIS JOB"

Boom, offer letter next day.

Although, maybe not a lot of helpful advice, but it was just a funny story.  I always feel that at an interview, let your passion for the industry and drive shine through - be excited about the employment opportunity.  Most importantly...GIVE EXAMPLES.

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