Buy and Hold: SFH no garage. Put up storage shed?

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I am interested in purchasing a 3/1 in a pretty decent neighborhood.  All the numbers make sense and I am ready to pull the trigger on the deal. 

The only negative about the property I see is there is no garage.  There is a long driveway that leads to a parking pad behind the house.  Even without the pad, the driveway could easily fit 4 regular sized vehicles and there is plenty of street parking.

Since the future tenant will be responsible for law care, I was thinking about putting in a small storage shed (like this) on the parking pad. Since there would already be a concert floor, it should be pretty easy and cost effective.

Does this seem worth the hassle? From the tenant's perspective, I think it would be a nice additional feature.  Without the storage shed, I have no idea where they would keep a mower so they would probably have to hire it out.  

The only downside is that it takes away some of the parking space, but I think there is still plenty.



What do other houses in the neighborhood have?  Do they also have sheds and no garages?  I would orient to that generally speaking - what is the norm for the neighborhood. 

My investment criteria require a garage by the way.


i have two that dont have garages and i put sheds. people dont park in their garages anyway. 

Thank you for the comments.  About 80% of the house have garages.  This one used to have a garage located on the parking slab.  However, the bank previously tore it down.

How about a covered carport with attached shed? In March 2015 we bought another SFR that has a one car garage. The garage is in bad shape so we plan to tear it down and replace it with a covered carport and attached storage shed. That might be a good compromise for your situation. Although it would cost more, it would look nicer than the metal shed you're considering, and would be more sturdy and functional. If you are thinking about a simple storage shed just placed on the pad, you could leave it to the tenant to provide their own if they feel the need. They might value the parking more. Google "carport images" for some inspiration or look at this link:

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