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This may be a stupid question, but I'm asking it anyway. If a house on the market currently has squatters in it, can that be dealt with simply by getting police involved to get them out after the property is purchased? Or do you have to treat squatters the same as bad tenants and go through the eviction process?

An eviction is to remove anyone who is in "Possession" of the home, not just people who are on the lease.  Therefore you will have to go through the eviction process and on the legal forms (for a name)  you will put "All Occupants".  This will evict everyone in possession of the home,  including the dog. 

Nancy Neville

I'm sure local laws play a role, but in my experience the cops will do nothing (their role is law enforcement, not civil action adjudication).  Eviction, in my experience, is the primary way to get possession.  

I'm willing take properties in pretty much any condition and with anybody in them but sometimes the tenants are such bad actors I'll make closing contingent upon the seller getting rid of the tenants and/or squatters.  You can also test the waters of paying them to leave and give them nothing - absolutely nothing - until they've completely vacated.

@Tanya Potter

Doing a quick google search of New York law, it may or may not be an eviction to get the squatter out of the property.  If they are just a couple of homeless people,  showing up with a little cash might solve the problem.  But if they know the system, you could be in for a long and costly fight