30 or 60 day notice in the lease

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I'm rewriting my lease and have traditionally used a 30 day notice. I am thinking of using a 60 day notice. What are other landlords thoughts?

My issue with the 60 day notice is being on the receiving end of it.  Let me explain.

So many times, landlords here state that they will in no way hold a property for anyone for more than a few days.  Some people will hold a property for a week or two, but with a deposit or hold fee of some sort.  How do we, as landlords, expect not to have to hold a property for someone for more than a few days when at the same time we require our own tenants to provide 60 days notice?

So I have an applicant interested in my property and they are required to provide their landlord 60 days notice, so they're looking to rent my place 60 days (or so) from today.  They like my place, complete the process, I like them and.... what?  Make them pay rent at my place for the next 60 days while they are still paying rent to their current landlord?  Otherwise they wait until closer to the day they have to move (like a week) then start to look for a place?  And then I (as a landlord) wonder why they've waited so long to find a place?  Maybe it's a market thing, but that would never fly here.  I already hold most of my places for 30 days or so because that's the notice most landlords around here expect.  60 days would be a killer for me, so I don't require it of my tenants.

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