My First Rental - Finding a tenant

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What services are recommended for screening tenants? I know the simple ways, but I am looking for affordable resources to check on past evictions and credit history. Also, any good/free tenant applications and lease agreements out there?

Thanks for any referrals! worked well for me it. 

It checks for credit, evictions and criminal and you can have the applicant pay for the fee then you will get the results. In addition to this have them fill out a standard application (many available on BP) ask for a copy of W2's, SS #, License #, past references, etc. 

And check this out

You can do this at one shop at   It is located in California, but all its forms and tenant screening can be use in any state.  I use for my Houston rentals and a friend use it for his St Louis rentals.

I haven't used it yet, but it seems to be on the up and up, and it's completely free for your first rental to test them out. It's called It seems to do absolutely everything. It will list your vacancy to all the major players, your tenants can enter their info and you can compare all the applicants with background and credit checks, you can get state specific legal documents like leases and whatnot. You can do financials, track maintenance and collect rent online with no fee for you or the tenant. 

Thank you all for the tip. I will be checking out you recommendations and will get back to you with what I used and how it worked. 

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