Gap in utilities

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Closed on a property and got it rented out 45 days afterwards.

I didn't get utilities on the property during those 45 days so the gas company said I needed to pressure test the system before they'd activate new service since it was off for a month.  Are my tenants going to see a larger than normal bill to cover the minimal utilities that were used during the 45 days of vacancy?

How do you handle the "gap" between tenants?  Do you transfer the utilities (electricity, water, gas, garbage) to your name after the current tenant leaves?  What if you're using a property management company?  Does it go to the property management company's name?

Whenever I have a vacancy I put the utilities in my name so that service is not shut off. Your tenants shouldn't be responsible for any use/charges prior to them putting it in their name.

We have what's called a 'Leave Live' agreement with the utility co's.  This covers the gap uninterrupted.  They do have a minimum charge for any use, but it's usually not too much.  Hopefully yours will have a reasonable leave live option for you for the future @Petra M.

  If I owned a PM co, I wouldn't want it in my name.  It should be the property owner's issue.