Landlord from Hell! Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX

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Can anyone recommend an attorney here in Dallas/Ft. Worth? A friend is having issues with a landlord from hell. After 2 years of renting from her, they chose not to renew since she decided to raise their rent by nearly $400/month (in an area where they were already at the top end of market rate). They gave 60 days notice, left the house clean and took pictures, and moved out the end of May.  She has now contacted them demanding $5,000 in addition to their security deposit to pay for damages.  She is trying to bill them for damage to the roof, changing the security alarm company (they didn't even activate the security alarm), AND she's trying to get them to pay rent for June (with late fees) and July.

Evidently she is really hurting for cash now that she has bought a new luxury vehicle and no one is willing to rent from her.  The potential tenants she had lined up bailed when she demanded 1st months rent, last months rent, AND a security deposit that equaled 1 months rent ($4800 to move into her rental).  My friend complained that while they rented from her she made no repairs, would not answer any phone calls, they had NO address to send her certified mail and would only respond via text when it was time for the rent.

I am still pretty new to BP - does anyone have an attorney here in Dallas/Ft.Worth that they would recommend?  What about any other actions that my friend should take?  Usually the situations are Tenants from Hell - this is a first for me.

Not giving legal advice, but Texas law is pretty specific about returning security deposits. Deductions can only be made for actual damages (not wear and tear) caused by the tenant.

Complaints against landlords are handled by the Attorney General's office. 

Texas AG consumer complaint