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Hello everyone,

I've made the jump!!! Got my hands on a duplex and I am very excited, nervous, and being cautious that I will make sound decisions from the start.  After getting one side ready to show and putting my for rent sign up, the phone just keeps ringing.  I've done way to much research on tenant screening services and have nailed it down to two. However, I am hoping there's someone (or more) out there in the BP community that has experienced "Rentec Direct". From what I know screening has no tenant involvement and their pricing fall within the application fee I am charging applicants. If you have, please share your experience; was the info reliable?  Was it timely?  Were there any problems with service?

All feedback will be greatly appreciated!

The rookie from Columbus OH.

We use RentecDirect property management software. A few minor bugs but overall I am pretty pleased with it.

Have not used their tenant screening though.

I have been using them for a couple of years and I am pleased.  I generally get reports back within 10 minutes and feel the information given on the credit portion is adequate for me to get a picture of what is going on with the tenant.  A couple of week ago I was screening tenants and reports were taking a bit longer, but still had them within an hour so really not bad at all.  When I e mailed customer service they were quick to respond as well.

I am careful to let my prospects know that I will not accept them with a past eviction or record, and so far I have not found anyone who had any surprises for me there.


Hi @Pablo R.

I use leasrunner for tenant screenings and online leasing. I'll have to check out Rentec

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