Tenants (Father & Mother) in ill health

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I inherited tenants in a recent house hack purchase who are in ill health.  The mother is in the hospital and it's not looking like she will make it much longer.  The father had a stroke, and is receiving home healthcare. They have a 24 year old son who takes care of the father as well, but is unemployed at the moment.  I really feel for them, and think it's commendable what the son is doing to help take care of his family.  The first rent check was a couple days late (the son delivered it) and I had a brief discussion with him to see how we can make sure he A) pays on time from here on out and B) has a plan if, heaven forbid, something happens to his parents.  

It's the parents' names on the lease.  In the event that the parents pass away what options does the son have?  How would you handle this delicate situation? 

When does the lease expire? Does the son actually even want to stay on there if his parents pass away? Does he get SS benefits or how is he paying the rent?

Very delicately and karma will reward you 10fold....my coin.



I'd ask the son to sign a rental agreement - just month to month so you both are on the same page as to the terms of his tenancy.  And then maybe back off and see how it goes. 

If he is trying and able to pay the rent, even if it is a few days late, then let it go while he deals with this, but I'd prepare for them to move out.  In this scenario, I'd keep any cash flow in a savings acct and consider using it to help him move and find another place that might be more affordable - but play it by ear.  Goodluck 

@natchan Their lease expires next April - they had a 2 year lease.  They store all of their belongings in the garage since they foreclosed on their previous home.  I'm assuming they both are receiving disability.  I didn't ask or do my due diligence other than screening the previous owners as to their payment history.  I'll have to talk to the son to see what he would like to do.   It's interesting that my first landlording experience has me really testing the balance between humility and business.  

@MaryB.  I will certainly do so.  I can't imagine what that must feel like to be in their situation.  He understands that the business end of this must be upheld so that helps us level with each other . 

@Michelleprunty that's great advice.  His future employment would really be a deciding factor.   It's the affordability that I would be concerned about since the rent is $1100.

I had a situation once when a tenant relied on her elderly mother who was on the lease.  Her elderly mom had a retirement check, social security etc...  I figure with the moms income and the tenants that they could cover all the expenses at ease.  Needless to say the mom passed away and things went down hill.  I ended up having to evict the tenant.  Two tenants after that a couple had decent income, but their dad was retired military etc... and at 75 was bring in 3k on retirement he was on the lease as well.  I had to frankly ask if they had life insurance or if in the event what plans did they have to make the payment.  I kind of felt bad for asking that but am I wrong.

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