Toilet Repair?

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How many people who use the toilet in a restaurant raise their hands !!!

Public Toilets are used everyday by a ton of people.  We feel confident to use a public toilet because we know (we hopefully know) that the toilet has been cleaned by the building's janitor.  (We usually can tell whether or not a toilet looks nasty...right?)

Of course there is toilet seat protectors to use too, in public places. 

If the toilet you have is a good toilet, sterilize it, and make it clean like new, and it's okay to go.  (pun intended)   It would be no different then a janitor cleaning it for the next user.  

I know it sounds yukky to put a used toilet in a rental, but once it's sterilized it's no different then any other toilet used by others in commercial areas. 

Nancy Neville

@Mel Snikta - If this is a good reusable toilet, there is nothing wrong in doing so.

But, if the tenant gets wind of it, then, that might not sit well with them.

Also, you have to look at the pros and cons of doing so too, with the more efficient use of water in the newer models coupled with the fact that the cost is not significant.

Good luck.

@Linval T.

"But, if the tenant gets wind of it, then, that might not sit well with them." That's funny right there. 

You could replace it with a new toilet, but, honestly, you can buy a brand new toilet at home depot for just under $90.00. I'd just buy a new one if it's possible.