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I had 3 guys apply for a unit that I have listed for rent. They seemed well qualified, talked about their good credit, and income. I received all the paperwork and sent them the link for the credit/background check. Here's the summary that I got from TransUnion after all 3 guys finished. I think I know what my decision will be, but this is confusing to me (see the highlighted parts). 

One of the 3 has a current address mismatch, but all of them are recommended as DECLINE. However, if I read it correctly, the total recommendation is ACCEPT. Maybe none of them make enough alone, and they have a reasonably amount of other debt, but together they make more than 5x rent, all credit is great, and no criminal or eviction issues. They applied together, I only look at the applications as a whole as I would expect any landlord to do (both the good/income and the bad/debt/credit/crim. 

What am I missing?

Hi Dan B.

I'm a representative with TransUnion SmartMove. If you send us an email at [email protected] we'll be happy to look into this application for you. Thanks!

@Dan B. Could you give us an update on what you learned about the TransUnion SmartMove reports?

Did you rent to the three that applied, and if so, how has it worked out?

@Mark Finewood I did talk to someone at Smartmove and my initial understanding was correct. The recommendation was to accept the group. The Decline recommendations were based on each individual. In any case, I did rent to them and they have been good tenants thus far (9 months).

@Dan B. That's great to hear! Glad it worked out.

All software is a rules based system. Many times the situation falls outside of those pre set software rules. You are the decision maker. You must consider all data inputs and make your own decision. And above all you should have "your own rules" that becomes your own decision tree. Stick to your rules!

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