Apartment Size Appliances. On the cheap

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Hello Bigger Pockets Family

I am nearing an Apartment income suite build.

and I have already chosen my cabinets.

the layout I have chosen to use requires 

24 inch appliances 

24 inch stove an

24 inch refrigerator {normal height)

18 inch dishwasher

because of the size I cannot go to my typical scratch and dent shop

so I find myself 

faced with AJ Madison

my total appliance outlay 

would be a little over three thousand

Before i take this plunge. 

is there any other avenues to take of which I am not aware?


National database of used appliances.  lol 

any suggestions will help.

I am not trying to sacrifice on quality and or looks. 

I definitely want stainless steel

and full height refrigerator.

I would go with normal size stuff because it is cheaper both new and used.  This would also mean that you don't have to buy as many cabinets because the appliances will require more space.

I failed to mention that the cabinets are already purchased.

I have planned this kitchen for 3 years.

and I went with the smaller appliances despite the fact that they are more expensive

because they look better in the space

I chose operational effectiveness over operational Efficiency 

you would have to see the space to understand. 

but trust me 

saving 1,500 dollars on appliances by going with larger  ones 

was certainly vetted and I ultimately decided to go with the more expensive option of the smaller appliances because it leaves a smaller visual foot print. 

because it just fits the space much better. 

I polled the two kitchens and it was a 50/50 split over which ones looked better

now I will admit the larger appliances look bolder and nice


bold is exaclty what I dont want because the room is only 14.5 x14.5  and the living room is sharing the space  the larger appliances would dominate the room and make the living space feel encroached upon.  

yes I have done that

I guess i was looking for something other than the lowes home depot sears


maybe there was an avenue I hadnt thought about 

like I said so far Aj Madison has the best selection 

and decent pricing 

I tried Ebay and saw some vulcans which were interesting 

but now I am heading into 2000 dollar terrain


there is no other thing to do but bite the bullet

AJ Madison can have great prices when they have sales- I don't know how soon you need your appliances, so that may not apply. But right now, you could get those for around $1600.  Not all the same brand, but all stainless. And no shipping/tax is a big plus. They will also give you a bulk discount if you're buying for several units.


For the tips 

Summit looks good

I hope I can take advantage of sales at ajmadison

I will need them for sept perhaps I can get Labor Day sale good thinking 

The microwave size is 24 inch

Picture is probably not exactly



I forgot to mention 

I need the talll refrigerator 

My price tag from ajmadison

Is 1199 Blomberg electric range

1299. Bloomberg refrigerator

800 dishwasher Bloomberg

200. Microwave hood 

Originally posted by @Steve Babiak :

I just did Google search for "24 inch wide stainless range" and found a number of other choices. Try it. 

  •  At first I was a little put off that you assumed I didn't try googling 24 inch etc
  • But you are right

If you look to the right at the side bar you begin to really see other options 

So thanks Steve 

Much appreciated

You helped me nail this project with the simplest of suggestions 

I feel a bit foolish but 

Sometimes with projects like these it's common to experience a bit of tunnel vision

I am going with bloomberg electric range from amazon 999