Provide water filtration, and do you lock attics

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the house I have for rent has attic access in the bedroom and also in the garage (pull out ladder).  I don't want tenants to go up and put stuff there really, do you receommend me to put a hasp and padlock on each?  the bedroom one is just a piece of drywall, but it will have to do.

Also, I have a reverse osmosis system in the house (it's a water filter system like PUR but more advanced)    I have a little drinking tap installed too.   This is a bad idea to provide this correct, because tenants can expect me to change the filters.. and I don't want to  be responsible for health issues, right?     If so, I will just remove and route the tap to faucet water, and they can add their own if they want.

I don't have any properties with attics, so I can't really speak to that. 

However, I've found it to be a mistake to provide any type of "bonus" appliances (other than fridge, stove, dishwasher, water heater.) You'll be on the hook for maintentance, repair and replacement. In my area, I don't think any tenants would think that having a filter or softening system would be of benefit to them, so it wouldn't be a deal breaker if one were not provided. 

I also have a whole house fan (it's a big fan that draws air in from the window and vent out ceiling and into the attic) at night.  Used correctly it cools the house without AC most of the time.   I have all this stuff because I used to live there, comfortably.   I plan to keep that feature.    Only that it's not idiot proof and you must open the window or you create negative pressure.

I am marketing this house as a mid to higher end rental.. (SS appliance, bathroom that looks like it's from a hotel, etc).  

I don't know, I looked into ripping out the $2000 cooktop that is now few years old, and replace with $1000 one.   Or a $2000 SS oven and replaced with white one.  But the work and uninstall and installation just doesn't seem feasible and selling used appliance at craigslist prices will not gain anything.

But good point about the water systems.  I could really use one except I bought my own already.

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