Issues with HOA/Maintence vs tennants

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I'm a land lord (by semi-unforeseen circumstance) of a condo in central Florida. I live several hours away and the property is managed by a group that works out of the condo complex. The management team has been pretty good in the past couple years  and the tenants I have in the unit have been great but there have been lots of little issues with the unit over the past year and a half.  It's a well kept complex but about 20 years old and has had some roof, ac and electrical problems since this couple moved in.

It seems that they (the tenants) do not get along well with the Maintence man and the recent issues are starting to become bigger problems. The current issue is a window that keeps leaking whenever it rains. It flooded out the kitchen once already. The tenant said they called it in and heard nothing for three weeks. When I heard of this I immediately called the HOA and they made sure it was fixed right away but now it's happening again, less than two weeks later.

What's the best way to go about handling this? my big concern is that property might be falling apart and the HOA doesn't seem to be concerned. My tenants and I get along great but I'm afraid if this goes legal it will be a them vs me situation since I own it. Getting rid of the property isn't really an option as it's valued about $100k less than what I purchased it for.

Is this worth talking to a real estate lawyer? Do I need to get insurance involved or have the property inspected for water damage asap?

Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you!

It sounds like the HOA also has a property management office? Have you considered changing property managers?

Are the repair issues that you are having trouble with the responsibility of the HOA or the homeowner?

Maybe I don't understand the situation but you are the owner just have the window fixed. Call a handyman and send them to the property to inspect, take photos, and provide a repair estimate. If the property manager isn't doing their job fire them and hire a new one.  

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